When choosing a real estate professional..... review their history! 


I would like to offer you some objective information about me. In the awards section below I am providing you with the awards and credentials that I have achieved. In addition, I have included some references from past clients. Nothing speaks more loudly than a raving fan! Call me today. I would love to add you to my list of satisfied and happy clients!

Glen, the time has passed quickly since the sale of my mother’s condo and I have been negligent in not sending this message sooner. I am aware of the all the “little” and not so little things you did since I first met you last December and then throughout the listing period. Your assistance & kindness made things much easier for my mother and for that I am grateful. I wish to extend my most sincere thank you. Although our family has no more Winnipeg properties to sell, you can be assured if I ever have an opportunity to recommend an agent in Winnipeg, it will be you. Once again, thank you for everything you have done and best wishes for continued success in your field.


Don (2013)

It was good to be able to thank you in person, Glen, for selling our friend's home  ---  two offers over asking price four days after listing the house and that after one of Winnipeg's 'big name' agents had had the house for five months and not an offer!  As you know, I beat them up pretty hard that it was time to give you a try and you've made me look like a hero, not that I ever doubted it.  This is the third time you've bailed out friends and family who have sat with unsold homes for months and you've come in and within a week or two of getting the listing have moved the house. 
I believe the difference between you and the agents who failed is that they list homes, they show homes if people ask to see them, but they put their creative energy into getting listings  ---  not into selling.  In the market we've had in the past five years, this has been a money making strategy.  Houses didn't need to be worked.  They needed to be listed, a date set for accepting offers, and a commission check picked up that day. 
Even at the height of the market my observation of you is that you kept holding as many open houses as you could and collecting the names of potential buyers  ---  and finding out what they were looking for.  I bet when you list a home more than 50 percent of the time when you sign the listing agreement you know who is going to buy the house.  You know who wants that sort of house.  How else did you come up with two offers in four days on our friend's house that had been sitting for five months?  How else did you sell my mother-in-law's condo in a couple of weeks that had been on the market for near a year.  And I know for a fact you sold my sister's house, which another agent had had for months, in about 10 days because you browbeat a family who didn't want to live on Elm Street to come and have a look at the house because it would be 'perfect' for them, and it was.
Glen, I write all of the above because: 
When we met this evening, and I thanked you, you mentioned you wished a family who had a home near my mother's on Wellington Crescent were there to hear me.  When I asked why, you said you hoped to list their home, but they were considering another agent as well.  I said, "You tell them to call me!"  and we went back to our seats.
On the drive home I was thinking of our conversation and decided to write you this email which you may, if you wish, forward to your potential client.  Please feel free to have them, or anyone contact me for a reference.  

Anonymous Client (2014)

I am 66 years old.  I've had successes in business, and I've had failures in business.  I've learned that some people are true winners who win no matter what the problems are on game day while others only win when the wind is right.  And, I've learned true winners are few and far between.  I have also learned never to endorse anyone except an outstanding winner.  You sir are an outstanding winner and I am pleased to endorse you and confident of your honesty, integrity, and willingness to work a listing and sell a home. 
Again, please, if you wish, forward this email to your potential client, and again, I'd be delighted to talk to them if they wished.
Finally, and again, my warmest thanks for selling Jack and Joan's home so fast  ---  and for so much more than they were expecting. 
Sheldon Bowles  
We are most grateful that we had Glen J. Sytnyk as our real estate agent. He sold our house in less than four days! He made the whole process painless and positive. He is knowledgeable, professional, helpful, sensitive and extremely capable. We strongly recommend him  without any reservation.
Jack and Joan Rusen

Mr. Glen Sytnyk from Remax® assisted us in selling our property here in Winnipeg. His professionalism, his honesty and dependability and his positive attitude regarding the sale of our house made the whole experience a very positive one. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a property.


Edmond Ghiabi

Dear Mr. Sytnyk,
I wish to extend my heartfelf appreciation for the excellent service.  In fact, excellent doesn't do you justice; our selling experience exceeded our expectations, both in the price we received for our home and the high level of professional service you provided.  Without a doubt it was simply a fantastic experience.

My wife dutifully noted EVERY suggestion you made.

Anonymous Client (2015)

Dear Mr. Sytnyk,
House Sale - 71 Temple Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba,
In regards to the above house sale, I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the excellent service. In fact, excellent doesn't do you justice; our selling experience exceeded our expectations, both in the price we received for our home and the high level of professional service you provided. Without a doubt it was simply a fantastic experience.

Anonymous Client 


Dear Glen, We had originally contacted you for your "free" assessment in June 2003 and my wife dutifully noted EVERY suggestion you made. In the ensuing months leading up to listing we adhered to your advice, and in the end we had a home we were very proud of. Although you were the "first man" in, we decided to interview a minimum of four real estate agents, of which you were number four.
As you may recall, the home looked fantastic and was a testament to quality. We were aware the market was doing well, and we made it very clear to EVERY real estate agent interviewed: we wanted top dollar for it.
When the smoke cleared at the end of "interview day", you emerged the victor. There was no doubt in our minds you were the professional for the job.
What set you apart? Firstly, you came within $500 dollars of where we wanted to list while everyone else was substantially more conservative in their suggested listing price. Secondly, you did not ask us how much we wanted to list for, you presented a fantastic analysis of what was possible, and, using what I thought was a brilliant combination of qualitative and quantitative data, you based your suggested asking price on substantially more logic than any of the other agents. The effort you put into the analysis alone was a superb example of superior professional service and massive value. 
And you didn't let us down once we signed you on.
Your awesome marketing and sales skills shone through. You maximized all the opportunities leading up to the first day of showing. The manner in which you organized the entire day was nothing short of brilliant.
You sold our home on the first day of showing. We received more than asking. True, even a novice agent could have sold our home, considering the existing buying climate, the awesomely hot product (our home), and the fantastic location. But only a seasoned professional would have pulled off what other agents said was "impossible", in this case selling our home for over $16,000 more than what the other agents said it would sell for. You were entrusted with our care, and you did not disappoint.
I do not believe we would have done as well with another agent.
And when it came time to pay you?well, let me put it this way: we didn?t wince; you deserved every penny of your commission.
Please continue to serve; people of your caliber are desperately needed.
Yours very sincerely,
Wayne Pitura, P.Eng. Presidnet -Talon Projects Inc.  

Good Morning Glen:
I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation to your team, Nicole, Harold and yourself for all that you have done to assist us in selling and seeking a new place to live.  I know there has been some apprehension at first, but I think it is more a fear of the unknown than anything.  Your team comes highly recommended.    Thanks again


I would like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts put forth by Mr. Glen J. Sytnyk regarding the listing and sale of my mother's property.
My mother recently passed away.  Glen knew exactly what our needs and expectations were for her estate.  He was always aware of our fragile state of mind and was not forceful with regard to rushing us into a listing.
Mom had wanted her home sold to "good people" who would appreciate the home she loved for a "good and fair price".  I believe this was achieved and we are very grateful to Glen and his team.
Thank you,
Shirley Bibeau

Hi Glen....
Rob and I can't thank you enough for the lovely plant you sent us !  We just love it !  It sure adds to our new home and fills the space where there are no boxes.
The move went fairly smoothly although we're still living out of boxes for the meantime. We've got our summer projects already lined up !
Thanks again for your assistance and thoughtfulness.  We truly appreciate your service and friendship that you've shown the entire Pringle Family over the years.
All the best and sincere thanks.

Julie & Rob